Heartbreak Hotel

Fortunate Son

“Adam Lendermon steals scene after scene as the hesitant tailor, Robin Starveling.”     

                ~Riverfront Times review of A Midsummer                             Night's Dream (Repertory Theatre of St. Louis)

Adam Lendermon delights as creepy undertaker Mr. Sowerberry and is strikingly believable as the gentle, soft-spoken Mrs. Bedwin.”

                                    ~Dayton Most Metro review  of Oliver! 

                                      (Human Race Theatre)


"Even the ever amazing Adam Lendermon serves up a brilliant cameo as a 'Diction Coach', allowing him opportunities to exercise his comedic chops and demonstrate his noteworthy tapping prowess as well. "

              ~Table To Stage review of Singing' In the Rain (La Mirada Theatre)