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consciously improve ALL your relationships

  tune into your emotional self     operate from a place of authenticity     listen with intention     advocate for your needs
tune into your emotional self     operate from a place of authenticity     listen with intention     advocate for your needs

"It was as if they all stood back-to-back shouting, 'love' at the top of their lungs, but in the wrong direction, away from each other." - Geoff Ryman, Was



Speak Your Mind Without Making A Mess is a two part series focused on 5 foundational tools for mindful communication. It includes grounding meditation, journaling/reflection, and partnered exercises.


Composing sensitive correspondence with a boss or ex? Have it edited for clear communication without placing judgment or blame while still advocating for your needs. 


Work one on one to move through what's blocking you from your greatest joy and highest fulfillment. Sign up for a free 30 minute discovery session today!

My sessions with Adam empowered me to gain clarity, honestly assess what I desired, and to follow through with active next steps.  His supportive coaching style involves kindness, empathy, and accountability in ways that enable growth and evolution.

Jesse Factor   Assistant Professor, Point Park University

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We live in a culture that often values stoicism over vulnerability. I learned at a young age that feeling deeply was somehow wrong, quickly adapting to ignore my emotional self. This created an adolescence and young adulthood hiding behind thick walls made of sarcasm. 


In 2012, I was certified as a yoga instructor. This exposure to eastern philosophy was the beginning of my journey into mindfulness. It continued as an anatomy trainer and mentor for Breathe For Change, an organization that certifies educators in yoga and includes social emotional learning and mindfulness integration into schools. I'm also a certified Grief Yoga instructor, which taught me a great deal about being with my own and others' intense emotions. Additionally, I've completed a 104 hour Coach Training Program with Co-Active Training Institute, the largest coach training organization in the world.


Through these experiences, and a great deal of reading by influential thought leaders, I've recognized how invaluable mindful communication can be in creating safety, stability, and joy in ALL of our relationships. I've learned to tune into my emotional self, operate from a place of authenticity, listen with intention, and advocate for my needs. It's changed my life and I'd be honored to guide you in changing yours. 


Adam is one of the most grounded people I know - I always feel safe and cared for. I know when I show up to a workshop with Adam, it will always have been worth my time. He is thoughtful, thorough and always willing to go there.

Shiloh Goodin    Performing Artist/Entrepeneur 


What's holding you back from your most authentic self?


Want to schedule a session or have questions about offerings and rates? 

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